Attitude of Gratitude

by Dr. James Klim

High-quality, exquisitely shaded and lifelike dental restorations are an artform of their own. And one artist extraordinaire is Dr. James Klim, who practices cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Santa Rose, California. Admitting that artistry takes on many subjective shapes and forms, Dr. Klim believes dentistry incorporates nature and nature inspires art. Therefore, every dentist is an artist. 

In this installment of Pursuing Purpose, Dr. Klim explores the interconnectedness of nature and art, and how he encapsulates both into each case delivered. He also speaks to the creativity afforded by dentistry and the fulfillment of delivering beautiful smiles to patients. 

Dr. Klim credits the advent of digital dentistry to continuing the artistic adventures of the dental profession, admitting that he never dreamed such technology would exist as a young student at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in the early 1980s. “Passing this technology onto my patients is indescribable,” he admits. “It’s something I never dreamed of being able to deliver when I was in dental school.” 

Not only has Dr. Klim incorporated digital dentistry into his dental practice, but he is considered a subject matter expert. Today, he is a sought-after international speaker on advanced dental techniques and offers post-graduate education and training on digital dentistry technologies, including three-dimensional design and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing.

As an educator, Dr. Klim stresses he not only teaches dentistry but also thinking skills. The most important mindset, he explains, is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. That is, be grateful for what you do in life. This frame of mind, he continues, has the ability to change your brain chemistry. A positive attitude gives off good vibes, which has a ripple effect on every interaction you have. As Dr. Klim states, “It’s important to come from a genuine place. People feel safe when they sense that.” 

Watch this uplifting video to learn more about Dr. Klim’s attitude-of-gratitude philosophy. 

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