Bringing Smiles to Life

by Gil Villavecer
Frontier Dental Laboratories specializes in bringing smile designs to life. Operating with the goal of being the “silent” partner for its dentist customers, Frontier has become a trusted go-to laboratory for many dentists across the United States, Canada, and even the United Kingdom. 
Founded more than 30 years ago, Frontier Dental Laboratories has gained a following among dentists who specialize in complex cosmetic cases. With more than 6,000 dental laboratories in the US to choose from, what makes Frontier stand apart from the competition? The answer is found in this Practice Passion VLOG episode, guided by Frontier’s own Gil Villavecer, Vice President of Sales and Professional Development. 
Come along as Gil gives you a personal tour of Frontier Dental Laboratories’ Northern California production floor. Get a glimpse into the lab’s daily operations, including incoming case intake, production floor processes, and real-time case fabrication. You’ll also meet some of the expert dental technicians, dedicated staff and experienced employees who are the heartbeat of this customer-focused company.

We’re just telling stories… We’re bringing smiles to life.
Gil Villavecer

Not only does this Passion Project VLOG episode explore all this, but it also touches on:

• The value of being a “silent” partner to dentists, so that oral health professionals remain the true heroes when delivering complex cosmetic cases. 

•  The importance of dedicated and expertly trained employees, whose attention to detail ensures a final restoration that seats with little to no adjustment. 

•  The role of the dental technician in bringing smiles to life. 

•  The significance in maintaining accessible ongoing communication between the dentist customer and the laboratory via a dedicated laboratory technician. 

•  Custom-fabricated restorations made from cutting edge dental imaging and manufacturing technologies

Frontier Dental Laboratories is an expert at bringing smile designs to life. Multiple accolades and awards from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry provide evidence of this truth, as does the number of dentists who have come to rely on the lab’s quality restorations.

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