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On the One Shade show, Dr. Mike DiTolla talks with clinicians about their experience using the newly released CLEARFIL MAJESTY ES-2 Universal composite. Join us as we review images showcasing their methods for getting great esthetics in a simplified workflow. And laugh along as we interrogate them in a segment called “A Shady Past.”

Gluten, Tequila, Swords, and Anteriors – Dr. Michael Morgan

Featuring CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal shade concept

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Intelligent Simplification

One shade for all posterior restorations. No opaquer needed. Light diffusion technology makes restorations integrate easily and smoothly into surrounding tooth structure.


Dr. Richard Young – Epic Mustache

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Dr. Jeffrey Hoos – 3 Letter Memory

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Dr. Troy Schmedding – Pedicure Treatment Coordinator
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Dr. Steven Schiffenhaus – Weekday Beer Pong is to Blame

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Dr. Jason Boeskin – Ear Pierced, Sponge Bob Loving Associate

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Dr. Joe Willardsen – Serious as a Heart Attack

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How many different shades of composite do you need in the posterior region? If you opt for CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal, a single shade will do the trick. The go-to solution for common posterior restorations, independent of the color of the underlying and adjacent tooth structure.


A blocker or opaquer is not needed. This is due to the material’s specific level of translucency and the integration of
Kuraray Noritake Dental’s Light Diffusion Technology (LDT), which makes restorations diffuse light in a similar way
tooth structure does. As a consequence, the material integrates easily and smoothly into the surrounding tooth
structure and preparation margins become virtually invisible.



Dr. Piotr Marchewka

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Efficiency is an important factor when it comes to restoring posterior cavities with resin composite. It may be achieved by selecting a material that eliminates the need for shade selection and by the use of simplified layering techniques. For example, in the clinical case below, a maxillary first molar and second premolar were restored with CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal (U) using the single-shade technique.


CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal is the latest addition to the MAJESTY™ ES-2 series. Like the Classic and Premium series, it is a light-cure, radiopaque restorative material which provides accurate color matching, high polish-ability and excellent physical properties. It is recommended for use in the posterior region of the mouth. Formulated with optimal viscosity, it assures easy handling and placement. The composite is available in both traditional syringes or Pre-loaded tips (PLTs). What makes this Universal truly special is that one shade covers all shades of the VITA classic A1-D3 shade guide. The Universal shade is recommended for all Class I, II and V restorations.

CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal is a simplified system that covers all the shades of the VITA classical A1-D3 shade guide. The mechanical properties are identical to those of CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 PREMIUM and CLASSIC.

There is a single shade of CLEARFIL MAJESTY’” ES-2 Universal available. A single shade “U- Universal” will cover all the posterior restorations (Classes I, II, V).

The improved light diffusion of CLEARFIL MAJESTY’” ES-2 Universal offers superior blending to tooth structure.
Adjustments have been made regarding the translucency/ light diffusion balance, allowing for a further improved
color adaptation to the surrounding tooth structure.

Universal, Classic and Premium series can be used for all cases.

– Universal shade is recommended when looking for a simplified and easy-lo use system that will work for the vast majority of your daily cases.

– Classic shades offer more shade options for specific cases.

– Premium shades are recommended for those cases with the highest aesthetic demands or for large cavities in the anterior area. The balance of opacity and translucency can be adjusted by using both enamel and dentin-specific shades.

Yes. CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal keeps the same handling and mechanical properties as the Classic and Premium series. It has a significantly longer working time than competitive products (over 4 minutes under ambient light). Having a longer working time is very beneficial when sculpting the anatomical aspects into the restoration.

The filler content of CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal amounts to 78 wt% (66 vol%).

The polishability is the same as already established with MAJESTY™ ES-2 series. CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal offers easy polishing with a durable gloss.

CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal will be supplied in a syringe, as well as PLT delivery (PLT = pre-loaded tip).

CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 Universal must be stored at 36-77°F when not in use. When the product is stored in the refrigerator, it should be left at room temperature for more than 15 minutes before each use to ensure the desired handling properties.

The concept of the Universal is that a shade guide is not needed in order to work in a simplified way. As a reference, use U shade for all posterior cavities.

ES-2 represents Esthetic and Simple.

The shelf life is the same as the rest of CLEARFIL MAJESTY™ ES-2 series: 48 months from date of manufacture.


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